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LRP Arrow (6-pack)

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This patented, industry-first design offers the ultimate precision for hunting on long range.

We all understand the benefits of the micro diameter arrow for hunting – less affected by wind, better penetration, quieter – the frustration has been the strength of the connection of components with the broadhead, as well as the aesthetic of the design – it didn’t smoothly fit together and produced a major weak point in the arrow.

This product is a game changer. Seamless design offers ultimate strength and stability and it looks super sleek.

While this system is built for long range, it’s the best system for any shot, short or long – it’s dead quiet, penetrates better, all the things you want from an arrow, even at short distances.


Tip to tail Components & Features

Swhacker LRP Broadhead =

  • BLADE-ALIGN TECHNOLOGY Allows you to accurately align your broadhead blades with your vanes for the most accurate shooting possible.
  • BLADE-LOCK TECHNOLOGY Allows you to lock the broadhead so that you can practice with the same broadhead you hunt with.
  • Bone crushing carbide chisel tip
  • Reinforced ribbed ferrule
  • Arced .032” blade thickness

Terminal Collar = maximum strength & durability - 2x the durability of standard 8-32 screw-in inserts.

TAC Driver vane = straighter trajectory and optimum stiffness reduces drag, maintains downrange speed