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April 30, 2024

Wednesday, May 1, 2024 – Atlanta, GA – TAC Vanes, maker of the world’s most accurate vanes, had a commanding presence at the ASA Easton/Hoyt Archery Pro/Am in Camp Minden, Louisiana with several top finishes across women’s, men’s and known divisions.

In the Men’s Open Pro division, TAC shooters took first and third place. Levi Morgan, the first-place finisher, shot the TAC 2.75-inch Driver. The third-place finisher, Brayden Jones, shot the TAC 2.75-inch Driver.

In the Women’s Open Pro division, TAC shooter, Sharon Wallace, took the top spot for the second straight ASA event, shooting the TAC 1.75-inch Matrix. Cara Kelly, the third-place finisher, shot the TAC 2.25-inch Driver.

In the Men’s Known Pro division, second-place finisher, Dane Johnson, shot the TAC 2.75-inch Driver, while third-place finisher, Jeff Raney, shot the TAC 2.25-inch Driver. While in the Women’s Known Pro division, first-place finisher, Morgan Rives, shot the TAC 2.75-inch Driver.

“We’re proud of the way Team TAC performed this weekend,” said Randy Groff, TAC Vanes Director of Operations. “Special congratulations to Levi, Sharon, and Morgan for taking the top spots in their classes. Their consistency and ability to stay collected in intense competition is always impressive.”

The very best trust TAC. Keep an eye out for more TAC Vanes finishes in upcoming tournaments and follow us on Instagram for details about our team. For more information about TAC Vanes, visit