TAC Vanes are supremely durable and dependable. We stand behind our products and can ensure when used with TAC Vanes Primer Pen and Glue these vanes will not fail.

adhesion guarantee

We guarantee adhesion on TAC Vanes fletchings when you use with TAC Vanes Glue and Primer Pen.

How to use TAC Vanes Primer Pen and Glue

Instructions for use

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    Depress primer pen tip about 1/8” for 1 second.

  • 2

    Check moisture level on a piece of paper. Fluid should make a 5/16” dot on the paper.

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    Load a vane into a fletching clamp and apply a SINGLE swipe down the base of the vane with the primer pen. More is NOT better. Allow 2-3 seconds for primer to dry.

  • 4

    Apply a thin bead of TAC Glue to the base of vane.

  • 5

    Stick vane to the arrow using a little pressure.

  • 6

    A solid bond is achieved within 5 seconds.

  • 7

    Arrows can be shot within 15 minutes.


  • 1

    Shafts must be clean and free from oils, residue, or anything that could affect adhesion.

  • 2

    Use TAC Vanes Primer Pen on the vanes and give it 2-3 seconds to dry before applying glue to the vane.

  • 3

    Always use TAC Vanes Glue and use enough that when the vane is held against the arrow shaft, there is a little excess glue pressed out of either side of the vane’s base. The fletching clamp should be held for a MINUMUM of 5 seconds before removing the clamp. Once the clamp is removed, a Q-Tip works well to remove the excess glue.

  • 4

    TAC Vanes work best with a clamp style fletching jig, or at least a jig that allows some pressure to be applied between the vane and arrow shaft. Fletching jigs that fletch multiple vanes at a time are not recommended.

  • 5

    Total vane clearance is crucial to a good tune out of any bow. TAC Vanes are designed stiffer than average vanes, which provides the best stability down range. With our stiffer vanes, it’s especially important to be sure you are getting vane clearance from your rest and cables on a compound bow.

TAC Vanes Adhesion Products

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