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May 12, 2023


This is the new Swhacker, Levi Morgan series, LRP Broadhead. We’re outlining each of these components and explaining what each one is, what it does, and how it relates to putting it on the arrow.


The first thing that would go onto the arrow is going to be the Terminal Collar. The Terminal Collar’s only purpose in life is to encapsulate the very end of that carbon. All of these components are considerably stronger than carbon is laterally. We want to make sure we encapsulate the entire carbon with glue along the bond line.

It's also extremely important to have the correct size collar for your arrows. Most arrow manufacturers do advertise on their websites or in their charts what the OD of your arrow is. It's important to try to get something that's roughly within three thousandths, to fit fairly snug so that you're not having to take up a lot of extra room with the glue. If you ever have a situation where you're really, really close, worst case scenario, you can take a little bit of sandpaper, put that around the shaft, leave about an eighth-inch of space, because you don't want to bevel the edge, and just turn the arrow a few times and you'll be able to get it to where it does fit snug. So you want to get that on snug first. That is your terminal collar.


The next piece that goes on is going to be the threaded post. The threaded post is made out of 17-4 stainless material. It's an extremely hard stainless material, three to four times stronger than your standard 70-75 aluminum that most broadheads are made of.

This patented technology includes a dual boss system that perfectly engages right on the inside of this female ferrule. When you start these threads, they're already fairly snug compared to most 8-32 screw-in broadheads are really loose to allow tolerance, but because we're controlling both systems, we're able to make that really nice and snug to keep this very, very centric and locked in place.


It is built on the 261 platform. The ferrule is the same as our 261 and has the blade-lock technology allows you to use a plug or the bands when you're in hunt mode. And if you want to practice with it, you can lock those blades, shoot them as much as you want. When you are ready to put this particular head in hunt mode, your storage hole that used to be on the 261 has now become a spot that is going to lock the threaded post in place. You'll see we have a groove that's perfectly lines up on the inside of this ferrule to lock it in place. So, if you're driving cross country with a UTV or ATV, these aren’t going to rattle themselves loose.


You can definitely look to put this system in any 166 arrow. They do fit all of the major brands, as far as the ID of the shank. We have three collar sizes right now that are advertised on our website for the sizing. We're going to add additional collar sizes to make sure we encapsulate each manufacturer brand that has 166 arrows. So this is just a really strong, sturdy way that you're going to be able to toughen up your 166 arrows and allow you to use them for hunting.