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June 06, 2024

Want to get foolproof fletching results every time using TAC Vanes?

The key to rock-solid adhesion is getting full contact across the entire base of each vane along the arrow shaft. This may seem obvious, especially if you’ve been fletching arrows for years. However, because TAC Vanes are more rigid and have thinner bases than other vanes on the market, they require more direct downward pressure applied to the middle of the vane base.

Applying more direct pressure to the middle of the vane base is easier to do with some jigs than others. We prefer the Bitzenburger or a similar clamp style to jigs that use guide wires. You can still fletch TAC Vanes with a Vane Master Pro or similar jig, but to get the vanes to fully set to the arrow shaft, you will have to manually apply additional pressure where the vane meets the base.

When fletching TAC Vanes, it’s also important to use a helical clamp instead of a straight clamp. Our rigid vanes are designed to create arrow stability through spin, not drag, and you’ll get the best performance with a 2–3-degree helical. Also, because our vanes are rigid and designed with a thinner base, straight clamps often don’t promote full contact between the vane base and the arrow shaft.

Lastly, we encourage you to use our TAC Vanes Adhesion Kit, which includes a primer pen and a bottle of cyanoacrylate (CA) glue. Take it easy on the primer but use enough glue—just don’t go crazy. Make a concentrated effort to apply enough pressure to the vane so it sets to the arrow along the middle part of the vane base. There must be no air gaps between the vane base and the arrow because CA glue will only fully bond in the absence of air.

If the vane doesn’t stick after 5–8 seconds of direct pressure, the most common reason is an air gap between the base and arrow. Make a micro-adjustment to the jig and/or apply a little more direct pressure with your hands. Once you get it dialed in, you shouldn’t have any problems.

You can find information on the TAC Vanes Adhesion Guarantee and detailed fletching how-to videos using the links below.