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January 05, 2024

The Future is Strong

As we move into 2024, the LRP system will continue to be offered with Gold Tip arrows as well as others like Altra and a new TAC custom arrow we’re working on. 

The LRP broadhead kit is also available in three different combinations to accommodate the .166 arrow of your choice. We have offered these kits as well as the individual components since we launched the system to allow our customers ultimate flexibility.

Additionally, we are launching a new LRP model for .204 arrows to better serve our customers. This new LRP model for .204 arrows will still be hand-tuned and inspected with extreme thoroughness for ultimate precision and will remain aligned to the high spine.  

Our arrow system is incredibly strong because of our patented design of the broadhead. With a true, weight-balanced field point that perfectly matches the broadhead in length, flight and tunability. The broadhead has an aerospace aluminum ferrule and a steel insert with male threads, the Terminal Collar provides maximum strength and durability, with a perfectly concentric design boasting 2X the durability of standard 8-32 screw-in inserts.

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