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LRP Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Could you please provide details on the components to help me better choose the correct arrow spine? How can I choose the correct arrow spine with the LRP’s components?

This is answered in steps 1-4, along with the spine chart to choose the correct arrow spine of the LRP arrow.

Reference the LRP component weights (175gn. total) to select the spine size of other brands of .166” arrows.

This system averages about 30 grains heavier than most stock .166” screw-in insert systems, when paired with 100 grain points. If you’re using another arrow manufacturer’s spine chart, it’s likely you will need one spine size stiffer to accommodate the additional weight.


Q: What is the total weight in grains of the collar, threaded post, and broadhead combined?

The entire system comes in close to 175 grains, depending on which collar size your arrows will require. The collars are all within 1-2 grains, so it’s very safe to calculate your spine size based on 175gr. That’s the complete broadhead ferrule, threaded post and terminal collar.


Q: Is this the same as the Victory Vap/Easton arrow?

No arrow manufacturer has a component like this one. If it’s a .166” arrow and it accepts a screw-in point/broadhead, then it’s nothing like this system.


Q: How is this arrow system different?

The LRP arrow system uses our patented broadhead technology uses a hardened 17-4 stainless steel center pin that precisely locates the broadhead to the inside diameter of the arrow shaft. This eliminates tolerance stack-ups for perfectly spinning heads, and creates an incredibly strong "broadhead to arrow shaft" interface. Our LRP interface is twice as strong as the traditional micro diameter outserts.
Plus, it is precisely and meticulously tuned. We cut a quarter-inch off the nock-ends, square the arrows up, then spine align each arrow before wrapping and fletching. The high spine will always be up when the arrow is nocked on the bow.


Q: Can you replace the broadhead with a fixed broadhead?

No, the current LRP broadhead is the only model that is compatible with the LRP components.


Q: What awards did this arrow win?

At ATA 2022, the LRP Arrow won 2nd Place for “New product introduced at the show.” The reason this won the award was because of our new patented LRP broadhead component. In short, it fixes the strength and straightness issues that half-out inserts created in the .166” hunting arrows. It is absolutely rock solid and will basically make the arrow completely indestructible from any direct front impact. While the broadhead ferrule can still get damaged from a very hard impact, the threaded post and terminal collar system makes the end of the arrow insanely durable and protects the end of the shaft very well.