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LRP Arrow Package (6-pack)

The all new TAC LRP is the first complete arrow system built to your specifications. The radically re-engineered front-end componentry delivers 2x greater strength than standard arrow configurations. Experience complete arrow alignment, from broadhead to nock, for superior downrange performance. Standard 2.75” TAC Drivers in 3-fletch options and 2.25” TAC Drivers in 4-fletch options, provide unmatched stability from release to point of impact. The LRP is the only customized arrow system that ensures superior out-of-the-box strength, accuracy, and consistency for your shooting needs.

Vane and wrap colors are as seen in the pictures (both in white). We do not offer substitions at this time for wrap and vane colors, fletching options, or other configurations.

*Please note*
Our Base Arrow Package comes with 6 Gold Tip Pierce Platinum arrows, 3 LRP practice heads, GTO Nocks, Gold Tip Nock Collars, LRP Threaded Posts, and LRP Terminal Collar. The package does not come with broadheads. Please select broadheads below. As you add items below, the price will be reflected.

Base Arrow Package


When making your selections, please refer to the Sizing Guide.

Due to the customization of this product, we cannot accept returns. Read our Refund Policy for more information.


This patented, industry-first design offers the ultimate precision for hunting on long range.

We all understand the benefits of the micro diameter arrow for hunting – less affected by wind, better penetration, quieter – the frustration has been the strength of the connection of components with the broadhead, as well as the aesthetic of the design – it didn’t smoothly fit together and produced a major weak point in the arrow.

This product is a game changer. Seamless design offers ultimate strength and stability and it looks super sleek.

While this system is built for long range, it’s the best system for any shot, short or long – it’s dead quiet, penetrates better, all the things you want from an arrow, even at short distances.


Swhacker LRP Broadhead =

  • BLADE-ALIGN TECHNOLOGY - Allows you to accurately align your broadhead blades with your vanes for the most accurate shooting possible.
  • BLADE-LOCK TECHNOLOGY - Allows you to lock the broadhead so that you can practice with the same broadhead you hunt with.
  • SPINE-ALIGNED - Each arrow is spine-aligned for consistent flight.
  • Bone crushing carbide chisel tip
  • Reinforced ribbed ferrule
  • Arced .031” blade thickness

Terminal Collar broadhead component = maximum strength & durability - 2x the durability of standard 8-32 screw-in inserts.

TAC Driver vane = straighter trajectory and optimum stiffness reduces drag, maintains downrange speed

Gold Tip Pierce Platinum Shaft

Illustration of the LRP Arrow with components labeled


The LRP has been tried and tested in the field for ultimate accuracy and precision by your favorite shooters.

Levi Morgan

Levi Morgan

Danie Geel

Danie Geel

Cara Kelly

Cara Kelly

Lincoln Tapp

Lincoln Tapp

Joel Burham

Joel Burham

Spine Size Chart

STEP 1: IDENTIFY WHICH SPINE CHART TO USE. Your IBO speed rating can be found on your bow manufacturer's website. If your bow is rated over 350 fps, shift one cell to the right, it may be the next stiffer size.

STEP 2: DETERMINE YOUR ARROW LENGTH. Measurement should be taken from the bottom of the nock groove, to the end of the arrow. For shooting broadheads, your arrow length is often close to your measured draw length. This keeps the broadhead away from your hand during the shot. **NOTE - Minimum arrow length with LRP Terminal Collar will require at least 1" in front of your arrow rest.

STEP 3: FIND YOUR DRAW WEIGHT in the left column and follow straight across to the row containing your arrow length. Shift right if IBO rating is over 350 fps.

STEP 4: USE RECOMMENDED SPINE SIZE IDENTIFIED BY THE INFORMATION ABOVE. If you're between two spine sizes, always choose the stiffer spine. Nocks in LRP Arrows are ONLY designed to shoot with a release aid.

Spine Sizing Guide

Quality Assurance

These arrow builds have been hand-tuned and inspected with extreme thoroughness for next- level precision. Each arrow has been cut, squared, and spine-aligned for consistency. The TAC Vanes are aligned to the high spine, which will be up when nocked to your string ensuring each shaft reacts the same when fired from the bow. Swhacker broadheads are manufactured to the highest standard for blade sharpness and weight. From one end to the other, this is the most elite hunting arrow build in the world. Every component is made for this system and we are confident it is the best.